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It is illegal to operate a waste facility without the operator holding a permit. The Environmental Regulation requires that you must have an environmental permit if you operate a regulated activity.

We help our clients to obtain waste environmental permits, both standard rules and bespoke. We have significant experience in preparing permit applications for all types of waste management operations including transfer stations, hazardous, non-hazardous and inert landfill sites, energy from waste facilities, recycling and composting sites, hazardous and clinical waste treatment facilities, WEEE facilities and materials recycling facilities.

Our permitting service includes preparing and submitting supporting documents, liaison with the competent authorities throughout the application and advice on compliance with the conditions of the environmental permit once issued. If the relevant monitoring, site condition and geo-technical data is not available we can carry out the investigations and periodic monitoring so that data is accumulated and analysed prior to submitting the application. Our services include:

  • exemptions

  • standard permits

  • bespoke permits

  • transfers, surrenders and variations

  • disposal and recovery permits

  • negotiation with competent authorities and influencing the permitting process.

Do you need an environmental permit? Why not contact us for an initial pre-application discussion.



We are an independent scrap metal trading company serving the UK market. Based in the UK and West Africa, we collect and import scrap metal, quality check and analyse the material before sorting them for processing and preparation for efficient recycling by our customers.

We are actively involved in numerous locations in West Africa and the UK. As a Company we pride ourselves on the close relationships we have developed over the years, both with suppliers and consumers. We are constantly seeking new opportunities to take our company forward into the future.

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