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Suspath is an environmental management and consultancy company with expertise in waste management, pollution control and sustainability. We provide cost effective and dedicated waste management and environmental protection services to our customers and strive to achieve a sustainable environment by promoting less reliance on raw material and the reduction and reuse of waste. 

We aim to be a leading waste management and sustainability company and establish ourselves as a major player in the waste management sector. We continue to act to influence positive environmental outcomes by working with the government, our partners and the public. 


With offices in West Africa and the United Kingdom, we also act as a waste brokers to help collect and manage your waste. We see waste as a resource, therefore our drive is towards a circular economy with zero waste to landfills. We provide first class service to re-processors and manufacturers by acting as recyclers and suppliers of reusable scrap material. We have been successful in our operations thanks to a quality-oriented approach to buying, checking and sorting waste.

Licenced by the Environmental Regualator, Suspath achieves the highest levels in protecting the Environment across all aspects of our Business. We aim to be a leading waste management and scrap material trading company by developing a loyal supplier base amongst both scrap merchants and factories alike. ​ 



We strive to offer the best quality scrap products, by segregating and sorting materials wherever possible. We collect, package and import scrap material, quality check and analyse the material before sorting them for processing and preparation for efficient recycling by our customers. All of the scrap that we handle are physically processed and inspected at our dedicated processing center, in order to ensure that we supply only the highest quality scrap materials.

We trade a wide range of scrap material, so whatever you are looking for, Suspath will be able to help. We have been successful in our operations thanks to a quality-oriented approach to buying, checking and sorting waste. 


We are actively involved in numerous locations in West Africa and the UK. As a Company we pride ourselves on the close relationships we have developed over the years, both with suppliers and consumers. We are constantly seeking new opportunities to take our company forward into the future.



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