With the constant change in environmental regulatory requirements, businesses may not be aware that they are non-compliant and open to both business and reputation risk. We offer a full range of environmental consulting services including advising on environmental regulations and permitting requirements, conducting environmental assessment and providing waste management and pollution control solutions that drives your business towards compliance and sustainable outcomes.


We act as a waste carriers and brokers to help collect and manage your waste. Suspath is far more than a waste collection service. We provide an integrated waste resource management solution that aims for 100% diversion of waste from landfill. We also work with commercial organisations to find inefficiencies and cost-savings within their waste stream. Clients are taken on a step by step journey  towards a ‘Zero Waste’ outcome. We provide waste and resource management services by collecting, quality checking and analyzing the material before sorting and processing it in preparation for efficient recycling by our customers. We have been successful in our operations thanks to a quality-oriented approach to buying, checking and sorting waste.


Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Human activities, mainly industrial are the main causes of pollutants which, if not contained or treated properly can be released into the environment. Humans are exposed to these pollutants through the water we drink, air we breath and land we cultivate for food. We can supply air, water and land pollution control equipment and solutions that are specific to your condition and environment.


Thousands of sites have been contaminated by previous industrial use, often associated with traditional processes which are no longer used. These sites may present a hazard to the general environment, but there is a growing need to reclaim and redevelop. There is increasing pressure to reuse land which is affected by contamination rather than develop greenfield sites such as parks or woodlands. We provide technical advise and a range of cost effective solutions for contaminated land and groundwater remediation. We use our knowledge and experience to identify the best options for you based on site conditions and your specific requirements.


We aim to be a leading waste management and consulting company and establishing ourselves as a major player in the scrap sector by developing a loyal supplier base among both scrap merchants and factories alike. We also act to influence positive but realistic environmental outcomes by critiquing government regulations on waste. We strive to achieve a sustainable environment by working with the government and our partners to promote less reliance on raw material and the reduction and reuse of waste. We can support as well as lead both small and large scale projects to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved and at the same time ensure that regulatory conditions complied with.