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Suspath is a growing independent company specializing in waste and environmental resource management. We act as a waste carriers and brokers to help collect and manage your waste. Incorporated both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, we are strong on treating waste as a valuable resource. We supply scrap material, quality check and analyse the material before sorting and processing it in preparation for efficient recycling by our customers. We have been successful in our operations thanks to a quality-oriented approach to buying, checking and sorting waste.


In addition to providing quality and cost effective services to our customers, we strive to achieve a sustainable environment by promoting less reliance on raw material and the reduction and reuse of waste. We aim to be a leading waste management and consulting company and establishing ourselves as a major player in the scrap sector by developing a loyal supplier base among both scrap merchants and factories alike.


Licenced by the Environmental Regulator, Suspath achieves the highest levels in protecting the Environment across all aspects of our Business. Our success is based on a highly professional, innovative and customer-focused approach. We are able to support both small and large scale projects to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved and at the same time ensure that regulatory conditions complied with.

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